Hi! My name is Nen-Nen!

I’m the face behind HiCocoMango.
I was born in Thailand and grew up in the Netherlands. Since I was young, I have always folded paper cranes and lucky stars, to give away to friends and family. In Asian culture, a thousand cranes or stars represent a special meaning of love and good luck.

Coming to Utah in 2018, I noticed a lack of Asian representation in the craft makers’ scene. When COVID-19 hit, I picked up origami again, as a way to lift people’s spirits through my folded creations. Since then I have been getting requests and I have been folding stars nonstop. This is where I realize I want to be part of the Asian maker’s community and introduce Utah and the rest of United States to the different aspects of Asian art.

Having lived in many Asian countries, I have been exposed to many different paper folding technique, which I am delighted to share with you. I take pride in each creation I make. My creations make a great gift and will put a smile on your face. My goal is to “Spread Happiness and Positivity, One Star at the Time”.

Since 2023 I started drawing Kawaii Cosplay Corgis, inspired by my own furbaby Chi-Chi, who is a sassy corgi!