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Lucky Star Bouquet - customize your own bouquet

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Please choose up to five colors of lucky stars, and up to two colors of tissue paper wrapping in your checkout note. I will contact you if I don’t have certain colors available.

Choose between three sizes: 55 stars, 01 stars, and 365 stars
55 stars = I love you without any regrets
101 stars = you’re the only one in my life (I love you)
365 stars = I wish you a whole year of blessings (blessings for each day of the year)

Available colors for the lucky star:
orange - pastel blue - dark blue - green - dark green - yellow - bright yellow - pink - hot pink - lavender - purple - red - grey/silver - white

Each bouquet comes with a little fairy light that you can insert in the flower bouquet. The lights are not attached to the bouquet as during shipping I don’t want the lights to damage. 365 star bouquet comes with two fair lights.

Bouquet size: appr. 10 inch x 6 inch (HxW)

Check out my Instagram for a video of the Lucky Star Bouquet!